Alumni Profiles


Rabia Mir

Graduated from UWC Atlantic College in 2003. Works in the field of finance.


Camilla Chaudhary

Attended UWC Atlantic College in 1990. Currently manages an art gallery in Karachi.


Saim Saeed

Attended Mahindra United World College of India from 07-09. Currently working as a Sub-Editor at the Express Tribune.


Sherbano Raza Rizvi

Graduated from Li Po Chun UWC in 2006. Currently working as a Research Coordinator at Akhuwat in Lahore.



Sana Khan

Attended United World College of the Atlantic from 2004-2006. Recently completed her Masters from Cambridge University in Philosophy in Development Studies.


Amber Gul Rashid

Attended the Atlantic College from 95-97. Currently is the Director of the Quality Enhancement Cell at IBA, Karachi as well as a Faculty Member.



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