Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Am I eligible to apply?
A) Every applicant must meet the eligibility criteria in order to apply to a UWC school or college. Check out the eligibility criteria at www.pakistan.uwc.org/how-to-apply/Eligibility-Criteria

Q) I have completed my Intermediate/O'Levels, am I eligible to apply?
A) Students who have completed Intermediate/O'Levels are not eligible to apply.

Q) Can I chose which UWC school or college will I go to?
A) Preference for which school or college successful applicants would like to attend will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

Q) Will I get a 100% scholarship or less?
A) Scholarships can be 100% or less depending on the financial need of every applicant.

Q) What should I do in order to get the scholarship?
A) You need to fill in the Financial Aid form. Successful applicants will receive scholarship based on financial need.

Q) What does the selection process entail?
A) Selection process includes written applications, group exercises and interviews.

Q) Where will the interviews be held?

A) Interviews will be held throughout Pakistan keeping in mind the applicant’s logistics.

Q) What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma equivalent to? Do I need to repeat after coming back from UWC?

A) The IB Diploma is one of the most well regarded and widely known secondary school qualifications in the world and is recognised by the world’s leading universities. It is equivalent to Intermediate or A Levels. For more information regarding the IB Diploma visit www.pakistan.uwc.org/what-is-uwc/IB-Diploma 

Q) What is the status of IB in Pakistan?
A) The IB Diploma is well recognized within Pakistan. The first school authorised for teaching the IB Diploma in Pakistan was in 1983. Some universities within Pakistan recognize the IB Diploma without the need for an equivalence certificate while others require one. Equivalence certificates can be obtained from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) which has offices in all big cities of Pakistan (www.ibcc.edu.pk/). Find out more about IB in Pakistan at www.ibo.org/country/PK/

Q) What will be our course outline?
A) At each of our schools and colleges, students study six subjects, three at higher level and three at standard level. Subjects are divided into groups and students choose one subject from each group. For more information regarding the IB Diploma visit www.pakistan.uwc.org/what-is-uwc/IB-Diploma

Q) I am not proficient in English. Will this affect my application?
A) No, applicants won’t be penalized for this. Although application forms have to be filled in English but essays can be either in English or Urdu. Successful applicants will also be given a preparatory English language course in summer if needed. Moreover, teachers at UWCs are well trained to help students develop their English language skills.

Q) What marks (percentages) am I suppose to include in Q8 of section A of the application form?
A) State your marks (percentages) obtained in the last two school annual examinations. These would be exams administered by your school and not board exams.  For example if you are currently studying in grade 10 please state the marks obtained in the school annual examination of grade 8 and 9. Similarly if you are in First Year Intermediate state the marks obtained in the school annual examination of grade 9 and 10. Attach two clear photocopies of school annual exam reports with your application form.

Q) What marks (percentages) should I state in Q9 of section A of the application form?
A) State the marks (percentages) you have obtained in the Board Exams. If you are an O'Levels student state the grades achieved in the individual subjects you gave. If you are a student of grade 10 doing Matric or Aga Khan Board than you need to state your board result obtained in grade 9. Similarly if you are in First Year Intermediate than state the overall marks obtained in Aga Khan Board or Matric. Attach two clear photocopies of all your mark sheets.


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