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UWC Pakistan is pleased to announce the UWC-AMAN Scholarships

Established in 2008, The AMAN Foundation is a local not-for-profit trust, based and operating in Pakistan. Inspired by a proactive commitment to the cause of human development, the Foundation undertakes strategic interventions in Pakistan to support development in health, nutrition and education.

In June 2013, UWC and The AMAN Foundation signed an agreement to jointly fund and enable more than 20 Pakistani students to enter UWC schools and colleges every year to pursue a pre-university two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Ten or more scholarships every year will be funded by UWC and other donors for Pakistani students nationwide. The AMAN Foundation will fund an additional ten scholarships for students from Karachi, with a special emphasis on female students from underprivileged backgrounds.  A full scholarship will include tuition, boarding fees, academic expenses, travel cost, and stipend for the students. Partial scholarships will be granted based on student’s financial need.

Students will be selected on merit, taking into account the criteria of the scholarships, the educational standard of 10th or 11th grade students in Pakistan and the attributes required for a student to succeed in UWC. As in UWC selections throughout the world, the selection process will have various elements, including written applications, group work and interviews. The aim will be to assess each applicant’s all-round ability in the context of their background and potential to make the most of a UWC opportunity to be the next generation of leaders in positive change upon their return to Pakistan.



  • Application forms are now available.
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  • Deadline to apply is by 5Pm (1700 Hrs.) on Wednesday 15th February 2017